Wyn-Lyn Tan

Artwork 1 is a Winner!

Into the Light I

Artwork 1 Details :

Part science, part fantasy, part existential exploration of the metaverse and its potential future, this is about mapping the invisible into the visible by machine-training analogue images into an immersive digital experience. Artificial Intelligence becomes my creator-collaborator, as we visualise the new possible future worlds beyond the cosmos. StyleGan algorithms are trained on a dataset of over 1,000 of my abstract paintings made over the past decade - revealing serendipitous layers morphing between realities and the sensuous textures of paintings. This data-generated universe thus becomes a latent universe in which cosmic potential arises. Peering into the crystal ball, we reach across the vast ocean of interstellar space. We glimpse a new future galaxy that coalesces out of white light, and watch as it morphs and evolves, ebbs and flows. Brilliantly illuminated by the glow of a billion hidden suns, here is a latent world in which extraterrestrial potential arises. In the future, we will become enlightened beings, with eyes wide open to the full spectrum of invisible light. We begin to unlock all the hidden recesses of nature and our vast previously unseen metaverse. As we shift our gaze from visible reality to invisible energy, our synesthetic experience will allow us to discover hidden worlds once out of reach of human perception. Illuminated and enlightened, we head into the light. Into The Light I, 2022 Generative art video (loop); 19:27s

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Wyn-Lyn Tan is a fine arts painter and has been working in the traditional art space for over 15 years. Drawing upon geology, physics, alchemy and ecology, she investigates the potentiality of painting to discover space, light and new dimensions. In pushing the boundaries of painting, her works have included videos, installations, sculptural objects, and most recently, generative art videos and NFTs. She has exhibited widely, including in Singapore, New York, Norway and Art Basel Hong Kong. Her work can be found in the permanent collection of the Singapore Art Museum, as well as numerous other public and private collections.



No: 151

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