Artwork 2 is Shortlisted!

I just wanna be loved

Artwork 2 Details :

For as long as I remember I’ve always dreamed of finding a lifelong partner. To be understood, to be connected, it’s something I deeply long for yet haven’t found success in. This piece is the accumulation of all the rejections, disappointments and lack of connections that I experienced over the course of my life. Despite the advancements of social media and how easily connected one can have with someone across worlds and time zones, it has also caused us to be more isolated and alone in a sense. This has been true with things such as dating apps where finding genuine connection and intentionality seems much more difficult compared to in the past. My hope is that the growth of these technologies won’t deter us from having genuine relationships.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Born and raised in Seattle with a Hong Kong heritage, Juzo is an Asian-American digital artist and graphic designer who specializes in 3D and album covers. His work is a collage of thought-provoking introspections and fashion/sci-fi concepts which are heavily inspired by things such as cyberpunk, anime, cinema and streetwear brands.



No: 95

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