Satrio Yudho Pratomo

Artwork 1 is Shortlisted!

The three angles

Artwork 1 Details :

So many things, So many feelings, Can't say any, So we paint, Manifest The three angles, We set sail, Close my eyes To the island of Paradise -------- Portable Network Graphics 2022

Artist/ Collective Bio:

"I'm Indonesian, I'm a full time artist, a bachelor of art, focused on digital painting and oil painting. I like to draw joyful colorful image yet have melancholic feeling. My work gravitate around what happened in my daily life generally, a mixed of message and allegories, especially mental health issue , especially schizophrenia, because I have a mother who suffered with schizophrenia almost for half of her life. I also got sometimes mild symptoms of skizo manic or panic. The feeling that we trapped in our on mind is fearful and I think many people also shared this same feeling or dark experience and I want people to know that they're not alone, that we can transform the dark experience to other positive act like making art, etc."


No: 164

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