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10267.47 to 0 km

Artwork 1 Details :

10267.47 to 0 km Vancouver to Hong Kong. Hong Kong to Vancouver. If technology can hold us tighter… This work intends to express how the artist imagines metaverse and NFT can connect her other half in a long distance with an extreme time difference. Metaverse allows them to see each by the VR headsets, and the NFT gallery shares their valuable memories. Feeling so close and far. But it feels closer again when they meet in the digital world, leading them to a brighter future. The time of waiting to reunite is not as tough as they thought.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Tina YEUNG (b.1998), a Hong Kong emerging new-media artist who works in image-based mediums such as 3D modelling and videography. YEUNG graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University (2021). Her experimental multi-media methods can be understood through previous works in performance and videography Scan On Scars (2017); programming and videography in Pandora’s Traps (2018). Her works have been exhibited internationally including Hong Kong, the United States, Germany and Canada. YEUNG is interested in exploring the relationship between digital technology and images. She is fascinated by using 3D scanning technology and building ‘real-fake’ 3D models. As a media art lover, YEUNG is conscious of social media engagement and investigates online platforms such as TikTok.



No: 148

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