Lazarus Chan

Artwork 1 is Shortlisted!

Artwork 1 Details :

A fluidity structure composed with symbols and breaths. We breathe to speak. Language is a fundamental component of our civilization. When our society evolves, language will transform gradually. From Quipu to Alphabet, humans invented methods for communication and recorded their conditions. In the digital age, we translated our language into different formats of information technology standards. Those technologies constrain our choice of words and reform our language indirectly. Behind all the computer documents, inexplicable machine codes update occasionally, and the hidden layers are not apparent. Due to these continuous changes, our technologies alienated us from our language. To show the fluidity of grammar and the uncertainty of digital languages, “” composes a visual of distorted symbols with the sound input from a wireless device. The device’s appearance is likewise a mixture of flute and obelisk, the audience could blow or speak to the device, generating symbols to the projection on a particular position. After that, those symbols are contained in the projection during the software runtime, moving and combining into signs which wait for the audience’s interpretations, giving them meaning as language.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Lazarus Chan is a new media artist who explores human experience, including life & death, consciousness and time. He specializes in multifaceted mediums, such as soundscape, electronics, data visualization and generative art.


No: 144

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