Nina Sumarac

Artwork 3 is Shortlisted!

Conversation in Red (NH), MULTIVERSE

Artwork 3 Details :

Multiverse series of works aim to capture the constant state of becoming in a way that defies stable interpretations and comparisons but creates a space for viewers to develop their perspectives. This open-endlessness highlights the tensions between inner and outer landscapes and truth and possession, which shaped the artist’s process and inspiration in terms of selecting images from open-access digital media while navigating her perspective. This visual praxis celebrates the complex and fruitful dynamism of multiverses as a continuation of ideas that resonate across time, whilst offering an insight into how the fabric of identity is constructed as a meta-narrative of the schism between belonging and alienation, attachment and detachment. The resulting representations are in as such cultural products that unify anxieties surrounding postmodern concepts of identity in a bid to isolate the essence of a seemingly simpler story; that we belong to no one and everyone simultaneously within a liminal multiverse.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Nina Sumarac is a Serbian-Cypriot multidisciplinary social visual artist based in Cyprus, with a background in fine art, painting and mechanical engineering. Her work questions the very nature of daily global and bio-political narratives which form the fabric of our consciousness and in a sense are the revisitation of past experiences. By articulating them through a poetic and often metaphorical lens, Sumarac uses a visual vocabulary that pieces together a variety of social and philosophical issues, questioning how we embody socially constructed stereotypes on a personal and collective plane in an endeavour to develop new ways of thinking. Sumarac is a multi-awarded artist. Since 2001 Sumarac has had ten solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous international exhibitions.


No: 118

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