Mo Mezghani

Lingering sediments, at last carried by receding waves

Artwork 1 Details :

"Lingering Sediments, at last carried by receding waves" is a conceptual continuation of a former personal project with the name "Nullifying Concessive Sediments" which consists of a graphic novel I produced in 2020. The entirety of the idea consists of a narration of the personal process of disturbing one's internal waters to decipher and grasp the proprieties of one's own sediments such as unprocessed traumas, fears and also aspirations and drives to arrive at the point of letting the waters settle and the sediments wash away to leave space for new ones. This progression is basically an allegory to the human condition marked with so much tensions and resistance to happenings such as discovery and release. The work was exhibited in MONO Gallery Tunis in July 2022. NB: The artwork consists of a video but I couldn't trim it enough to fit your website's specifications so I added the Illustration phase of the animation as the artwork and attached, you'll find the link to the actual video, I consider that both mediums do fully represent the artwork. Video Link:

Deadlock Hatch

Artwork 2 Details :

This work is part of the "nothingtakestheshapeofeverything" collection that was exhibited in an independent apartment exhibition organized in Tunis by local emerging visual artists scene in 2021 with the name 'The further you throw it the nearer it gets'. My work on this collection started since 2020 during the lockdown and I kept tweaking the unfinished projects for nearly 2 years until I exhibited them as single edition prints. The collection which explores how the world could be reimagined through unconventional and unnatural textures that can only be produced in the digital realm aims to convey mental and emotional impressions in the form of atmospheric single frames, all of the conceptualization behind the work is based on the premise that reality in all it's variables in constructed through numerous textured surfaces that conspire to form the final image transmitted to or through the human mind, this stance was the result of a life-changing near-death experience that I went through during that period, the aesthetic of the work is heavily inspired by visions I had during a coma state that lasted several days.

Game Rewritten

Artwork 3 Details :

Intrinsic and DAM project: Dam project was a project elaborated during 2021 by Intrinsic which is a former pseudonym of mine. It consists of a chronological interval narrated through a series of digital artworks and a short story that tries to find a reconciling point between the ultra personal and the ultra communal. Around 50 copies of the zine were distributed and varying numbers of editions of each print were acquired. No more copies or editions will be produced. Game Rewritten is the 6th artwork featuring in the zine and it represents the occurrence of imminent change. This artwork was mostly inspired by the substantial changes that I was observing in my immediate surroundings after the pandemic.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Lyon based visual artist, Mo Mezghani, was entangled in the digital visual realm the moment he made his first contact with it, the result of a longing to find the right medium to express his most innate experiences. As a synesthete and a former musician with a strong rhythmic sense, he came to the liberating realization that through the digital translation of auditory signals into pixels he could transfer a wide spectrum of his imaginative process to the outside world. Mo's visual practice also extends to 2D texture ambient designs, which are in principle immortalisations of momentary perceptions in the form of single frames that incite singular and unique reactions within each viewer.


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