Wondebra Loh

Negative Spaces and Uncanny Valleys

Artwork 1 Details :

Here is a cheat sheet, to appear sincere To understand boundaries, demarcated here for you with eggs It is a responsibility to create positive, safe spaces I know you mean well, but these valleys are paved with good intentions.

All Spelt Out

Artwork 2 Details :

Literally, Everything you need to know has been spelt out for you If you have ever shared your wordle score You have no excuses

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Despite graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, Deborah is still unsure of the purpose and importance of art. At intervals the knowledge her practice has little practical use to society is made markedly real and with it comes the guilt that perhaps she should have taken up a more serviceable profession. Not solely limited to art, sadly Deborah is also confused with most of what goes on around her. (What is this intersubjective awareness that governs so efficiently despite all feeling and rationale pointing to the contrary?) This lack of understanding leaves her susceptible to (sometimes unreasonable and always embarrassing) moments of disillusionment and irritableness. Ironically, she finds relief in making art. Hopefully that is purpose and importance enough.



No: 92

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