Coronation of Cat Queen in Chinatown

Artwork 1 Details :

Cats have had an association with royalty since ancient times. Several of the breeds we recognize today are throwbacks to those honored cats of the past; though our breeding has changed them dramatically.

The New Queen

Artwork 2 Details :

The tale begins with a story of a stray cat who made its way across the sea and became queen of Singapore. The number one cat in Singapore was only known by her grace, aristocratic demeanor and regal mutterings. As the story progresses, we learn that she leads a life of luxury but has a deep understanding of her fellow felines and their struggles in life. This feline becomes an unlikely hero when she decides to take on the world leaders at the UN

The Cat King

Artwork 3 Details :

Once a small and seemingly insignificant king of Singapore, the cat has risen up to the global community as an unlikely hero. For he has challenged humanity's notions of who can be trusted and who can be loved...

Artist/ Collective Bio:

As a digital artist, BabySynthetic is well-versed in classical painting and sculpting. He has had close ties with the art community and believes that physical self is a fa├žade, and the metaverse has always existed and will ultimately be all that exists. His influence? Simulation theory! Under the name @babysynthetic, Singapore's top digital artist creates hyper-saturated worlds teeming with life.


No: 87

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