May Toyo


Artwork 1 Details :

We are in a simulation

Blame the fruit

Artwork 2 Details :

I thought how unsettling it must be to pose with an apple on your head for target shooting, it must be a similar feeling to when you are taking major risks but fully trusting the goalie. I like to use ocher or yellow in my works to represent gold since it is one of the metals that I like the most and red is an imposing and leading color, especially if it contrasts between the colors that surround it.

I your 3yes

Artwork 3 Details :

Spicy, Philosophy, Artsy or Poetic. We enjoy this

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Venezuelan in Argentina since 2011, Multidisciplinary full time Artist, Painter, Designer and Tattoo artist. Founder of Street3yes


No: 86

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