Euna Lee (Lee Yoyo)


Artwork 1 Details :

Frabjousish, a compound word of Frabjous (an invented word by Lewis Carroll; fair, fabulous and joyous) and -ish (suffix meaning relating to), is the first countermeasure against Standard Langauge. I created a virtual universe where “correct” nor “wrong” language doesn’t exist. A blessing in disguise, the language crime such as mispronouncing, misusing of a word or grammar errors are used as a source to create the language of this universe, Frabjousish. website:

Strolling Cat

Artwork 2 Details :

In this project, I talked about my dérive as a foreign woman in Europe; encountering strange local men who commit sexual harassment just for fun. Their interruption makes a huge difference between my dérive and the dérive of an Italian plumber. The game users take a stroll as a yellow cat and hear sexually and racist comments that Asian women often got on the street. This game aims to share our inconveniences with others who have never had such experiences and to give Asian women a chance to defeat urban harassment offenders. website:

K Eldest Girls

Artwork 3 Details :

The K-Eldest Girl is talking about thoughts and struggles that firstborn girls in Korea have gone through. They are demanded to fulfill special roles within family, being mom’s best friend, a role model for their younger siblings, physical + moral + economic sacrificer, mom’s alter ego and lastly, a helper. website:

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Recently graduated with a master's degree in Experimental Publishing at Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, NL, I am a software artist and artbook publisher. My art projects focus on raising marginalised people’s voices, especially Asian females, using computational materials.


No: 84

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