welcome to the world

Artwork 1 Details :

the world is always updating from generation to generation, all the old will be replaced with new ones, the future is always wrapped in a new composition of life.

new world city

Artwork 2 Details :

in the past when everyone thought that the city they built was a new city, then the new city would be replaced with a new, more modern city, times were full of their own way of looking at the future from the eyes of silent witnesses of the buildings at that time.

death is the future

Artwork 3 Details :

death is the true form of the future, terrible words for some creatures in this world but that's the reality

Artist/ Collective Bio:

I'm jefriant indonesian ilustrator and comic artist, experience being illustration comic book since 2012, in indie publisher or major publisher, also draw some comission


No: 70

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