Eko Angge


Artwork 1 Details :

.deformingChief bringing digital humanities representation through artistic expression, intertwining the connection and questioning how to integrate and deliver a new way of communication with the subject of historical narratives. By presenting this construction, I want to contrast two modes of looking at memory or folklore stories in the reflection with the cultural code from heritage objects, comparing what is meant about homes and value and also two views' perspectives on looking interpretation. The visualization by comparing two different reflections means also the unconsciousness of thought and brings the role of technology and digital in mediating an event that often creates distance and biases in perception as it relates to an image.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Eko (Batang Buo, Indonesia 1989) works and lives in Venice, Italy. Currently, he is doing doctoral research in European History and also working as curatorial team for Venice Biennale. My practice is much driven by digital humanities projects representation with artistic practice through hyperreality, virtual manipulation, and the connection between physical and digital interpretation in the format of images and installation. His project included the National Pavilion of Indonesia for Venice Biennale 'Art and Architecture', selected finalists for Arte Laguna 2021 and the CICA Contemporary Museum of South Korea.



No: 62

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