Islam Allam


Artwork 1 Details :

Young Woman back from the future of north Eurasia. This portrait was improvised while listening to "The Gaslamp Killer - In the Dark..."


Artwork 2 Details :

What traits would the Anthropocene possess if it took the shape of a human being? The visual result that I created in this digital portrait is my trying to answer this question. This portrait was improvised while listening to "Loscil - Anthropocene"

ShhHkbBtTa41_Circle of Metamorphoses

Artwork 3 Details :

This portrait is just a philosophical question. What if we made Nietzsche's Metamorphoses (The Camel, The Lion, and The Child) a vicious circle? This portrait was improvised while listening to "Recondite - Immer da"

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Islam Allam is a self-taught digital artist from Cairo, Egypt. Allam creates digital portraits based on a visual context that resulted from knowledge, research, and consideration of traditional and contemporary art movements, in an attempt to come up with his own visual result to express his vision of creating and producing portraits that represent a different and additional approach in this type of visual art.


No: 61

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