Ran Haozhe

The Duel

Artwork 1 Details :

The painting depicts a duel between two teams of people. I designed their masks and costumes to be technological, so as to express a kind of futurism. I also put little blue flames behind the figures to enrich the painting, increasing tension between the characters.

I want a home.

Artwork 2 Details :

The figure in this work is my original character. Flowers in the background, Red spider Lily, and other elements symbolize the past and future of all living beings and the cycle of life. I also added a Ukiyo-e style flame to the painting to match the theme "Ignite the Future".

Non virtualis

Artwork 3 Details :

The hand in this painting symbolizes the future, and black water, representing the pressure and suffering brought by the future to people, pours down on the youth below. But the young man was untamed and unwilling to yield, ready to fight back with his burning spirit.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

An international student from China, now studying at LASALLE College of the Arts, majoring in design communication and digital art. Also a freelance illustrator with 2 years' work experience.



No: 59

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