Marion Lissarrague

add play connect

Artwork 1 Details :

The ADD PLAY CONNECT video series is a take on the possible mutations, reminiscence of eugenics in the networked society. Typologies created by the digital era are recreating arbitrary scales of values, measures, systems of visions, systems of power targeting humans and reality through reductionnism: concepts and humans are reduced to predictable, correlated data. Relying on their opacity, they’re given power to shape a more predictable society, while being built on glitches. Each video targets a specific example linked to techno-eugenics patterns.The first act, ‘may imitation be yours’, develop with found footages the essentialization of women through technological devices such as voice assistants, so called ‘smart wives’ , the digital echo of our deeply rooted biases. The second act, ‘binary tree’, is the result of a research around errors of gender recognition, interrogating the notion of correlation and its role in digital erasure. The last act, ‘find, fix, finish’ plays between the myth of a technocratic solutionism, the role of the broken image being used in the automation of war. This project has the goal to open up a reflection on new narratives by confronting and understanding the world outside technological classifications, and what constitutes us as a digital society ruled by prediction, measure, patterns. The use of clear science-fictional references allows a reimagination of networks to disrupt through the non-measurable, the unpredictable, the noise as different narratives.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Marion Lissarrague is a queer artist based in Brussels. His practice uses video, installation, performance, graphic design to explore techno-politics. Her current research focuses on the eugenicist and essentialist evolution of a digital society deeply rooted in binaries, and investigates through installations the shaping of a networked, measurable reality reduced to a technological simulacrum. Her practice spans a repertory of investigation, documentary fictions, hijacked archives, found footages, sculptures unveiling the limits of digital patterns. Mixing research and experimentation, his works leads to apprehend technologies outside their classification, outside of static entities while using the unknown as an entry point.


No: 40

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