Feliz Ann Miguel-Manuel

AI's Bright Future

Artwork 1 Details :

since the dawn of technology, there have been fears surrounding the future. What will these advances bring? How will they change our lives? As AI becomes a more concrete reality, and becomes a household phenomenon, services that are currently unavailable to some, will become universally available to all. Education can be tailored to individual students around the world, health-care can be brought into the home for lower costs, creativity will blossom in a world where we are less focused on our everyday tasks, but instead spend time pondering the possibilities of the future, and how we can continue to improve on a global scale. In a world where every child can read and has access to information from around the world, prejudices and ignorance will be a thing of the past, and global collaboration will be the future.

Hands for Tomorrow

Artwork 2 Details :

This art is a representation of every youth across the world. Young people are the future. They will eventually drive economic and social development around the world. Tomorrow is in their hands. They can ignite our future.

Smart Blue City

Artwork 3 Details :

The color blue represent the ocean and technological advancement of Smart City. The freshness of the ocean has to reach the city center which represents a sustainable environment and its technological advancement has to provide intelligent approach to how they organize and plan their traffic, energy supply and administrative systems. Here's a digital solution for a more livable future. Advancing the journey toward becoming a smart blue city.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Born in Philippines in 1993, Feliz is a self-taught artist. Her first experience as an artist was when she represented her school for art competition when she was five years old and she won. Since then she was able to develop more art techniques. She realized that she wanted to pursue her passion in this field. She believe that being an artist is something that one is born to do an not learned at school, she went on to study through practical experience and by visiting art exhibits in different countries, learning through trial and error and self-learning studying the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador DalĂ­ as her teachers.



No: 31

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