Zhannet Podobed

Fear of Annihilation

Artwork 1 Details :

In psychology fear of annihilation is the fear of mental destruction and anxiety about survival and preservation of the self — so familiar now.

Wild Free

Artwork 2 Details :

No matter what, do not forget your nature and roots, stay true to yourself. It is important to be free inside, to feel your character and harmony with the world.

The Voice Within

Artwork 3 Details :

When you know how to listen to yourself, you make the decisions that are right for you personally and build the life you want. Trust yourself and your voice within, it can help discover new horizons in yourself.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Zhannet Podobed was born, lives and works in Odesa, Ukraine. She studied art, painting, digital and motion design. She was lucky to live in other cities and countries such as Barcelona, Dubai, Bahamas, Miami, which certainly influenced her creative development. Her sources of inspiration are the people around her, herself, feelings, places, fashion, wildlife, architecture and design, and the visual aesthetic of the world. In her work, she explores the inner world of human beings, their inner nature, emotions and feelings. She is interested in exploring her inner world and how it manifests itself. Reaching new personal heights incredibly inspires her. She gets excited about herself when she conquers herself.



No: 27

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