Artwork 1 Details :

The lost person gradually fades away.

Les jardins de Giverny

Artwork 2 Details :

Work inspired by my trips to Giverny in the gardens of the painter Claude Monet.


Artwork 3 Details :

Just as water vapour settles in the morning in very fine droplets on plants and on certain bodies exposed to the air. Here it settles on a women with a figure that are both soft and acidulous. And this fact make her ideal.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

My name is Ouvea. I'm a french Art Director, Digital Artist, Choreographer. I explore the intersection between digital art and choreography. My works are inspired by tales, popular legends or born from my own dreams. My research also focus on video mapping and how to combine the approach of this technology on a performance stage. Video mapping is the possibility of designing surprising graphic and visual environments that plunge the audience into an immersive atmosphere to live an experience where reality is transformed... into another reality !


No: 24

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