Nadiia Tovpyga

Venus of Babylon

Artwork 1 Details :

The paths of subconscious and cognition are revealing the secrets of the past. Beauty and art, being exceptionally subjective and intimate, are the ways to ignite the future...

Midsummer dream

Artwork 2 Details :

Sometimes awakening is more mysterious than a dream. And you never know what future has in store for you when you follow all the way down the rabbit hole.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

I was born in Luhansk, Ukraine. Being at school, visited art classes conducted by local artists. in 2002 I graduated from linguistic university (English and French philology), which enabled me to create and narrate stories for my illustrations and paintings. After graduation I worked in the East Ukrainian Academy of Arts where I perfected my drawing skills and took part in local artistic events. Later, as I have been always interested in psychology (and psychology of art), I completed the course of 'Fairy tale and narrative art therapy'. In 2019 I graduated from Artcraft Kyiv school where I studied to become a CG artist. Now I am residing in France fleeing from the military conflict in my country.


No: 163

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