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blackwing license. 21BW1

Artwork 1 Details :

In the time abundance of information. Time and attention is req wired to properly process data efficiently. Which can be streamlined in to different platforms to hold the in knit al volume of data. Which can be transferred in to different marketplaces. Then current has resulted in production via data also known as information.

fst life. 21BW2

Artwork 2 Details :

CERN have claimed to have accelerated time but think about it how can 3D portal have effect on the collective. By the collective believing in narrative they tell. In the sunshine all manifestations are automatically accelerated because energy can not be created or destroyed only trans ferried and in this case it’s has been trans ferried via time which in turn translates to information then information is acted upon which produces generation of energy hence time is faster. But when time moves fast is seems slower hence slo motion video is has a higher frame rate because you need a lot more frames per second (information) to fill the time. So we can say we had a slow day but we probably still did a lot. *^

ambition for cash. 21BW3

Artwork 3 Details :

We came to build the future. It's not an ambition for cash thing anymore. When cash is really just a sheet of paper with ink on it. Energy is our currency when manifestations is what we believe. Why are we in the business of trading our time for money so inefficiently. Times have changed we now have abundant information and instant communication, so with these tools what will we create.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Angled waves of light produce different kinds of perception.



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