Kirill Chirkov


Artwork 1 Details :

This is an alternative universe. Nearest future. The Soviet Union hasn't split up and has chosen the technogenic path of development. Unfortunately, humanity did not avoid World War III. Today no one needs the achievements of Soviet scientists and nature began to take back what was rightfully hers. It's a new era. The Age of Biotech Postapocalypse.


Artwork 2 Details :

These pieces of art is exploring the future of Makeup for Digital Avatars and Feelings, that AI could experience. Hypnotizing artworks, that have already been exhibited at 4 offline Fashion Shows and offline NFT exhibitions.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

European Digital Artist and NFT creator. Passionate about creating Pieces of Art, which mixes media and mediums, immersing you in different emotional states. My personal goal is to bring Digital Art beyond the screens of devices.


No: 154

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