Eva Eller

The Unforgiven

Artwork 1 Details :

God gave Satan and the angels the same choice He gave Adam and Eve, to obey Him or not. The angels had a free will, to follow Satan or remain faithful to God was an eternal choice. There is no opportunity for the fallen angels to repent and be forgiven. The artwork was inspired by this notion. 2022

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Eva Eller (born 2000) is an Estonian artist known for her works in graphic art, digital painting, illustration and animation. Eller's work addresses different nature of power dynamics and how it affects one's identity. Education: BA in Graphic Art in Estonian Academy of Arts. "I've always been fascinated by history and religious concepts. Medieval ages and Renaissance flavoured with witchcraft, vampirism, foul sorcery and obscurity are all the topics I'm exploring in my art. There's just something so fascinating about it. It makes me shudder. But fear not, as a person I'm well-minded, kind and amicable." Yours truly, Eva Eller



No: 15

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