Sapa Sira Sapa Ingsun

Artwork 1 Details :

Arbitrary Dursasana, big-headed, like to belittle, insult people. he thinks he is right, but if he is insulted, belittled, slandered and given facts because of his nature, he does not accept. "Sapa Sira Sapa Ingsun" is a Javanese proverb which means who am I (we as humans) and who is the creator (god), has a deep message as a reminder when we are above all, a reminder that we are creatures who must help each other not fight each other, a reminder that no matter how great we are , there are still more perfect than us and we must be grateful for what we have.

Temu Cilaka

Artwork 2 Details :

Retrieving from the Javanese proverb "Jalma Angkara Mati Murka" and observing the death of the Buto Cakil puppet as a result of being stabbed by his own dagger. Contemplating the feelings we have, colliding with feelings, until finally who wins, ourselves or our hearts. most people are driven by their hearts and we are unable to resist the results, be grateful if it ends well but accept it if it ends badly, because in fact whatever our hearts choose there must be goals and lessons that we will learn from an event.

Cingkoro Ketekuk, Upoto Keblinger

Artwork 3 Details :

The depiction of the Javanese proverb “Busuk Ketekuk, Pinter Keblinger” which means that neither fools nor smart people can resist misfortune. The wheel of life is always turning and we will continue to be tested by the universe to improve our identity (level up). The many obstacles we face indicate the faster we can improve ourselves.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Aprilmup, an illustration artist from Indonesia who was born on April 23, 1997. Since childhood, his hobby was drawing inspired by his grandfather. He pursued his skills at The Vocational High School of Fine Arts (SMSR Yogyakarta) in 2012 - 2015 and continued his studies at the Indonesian Institute of The Art (Yogyakarta) and then graduated in 2020. After graduating, he participated in several illustration exhibitions, one of which was titled Indo NFT Festiverse, which is the first NFT exhibition in Indonesia which was held at RJ Katamsi Gallery, Sewon, Yogyakarta. In Aprilmup's artwork, the theme is Indonesian culture, especially puppet and illustrated in a modern style. The color chosen is a pop color to give the impression of fun and contemporary. In addition, pop colors aim to disguise the meaning that is felt "heavy" in the images made so that they seem contradictory.



No: 146

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