Anastacia Kevich

Pouring Fluid abstract NFT

Artwork 1 Details :

1 by 1 paintings on the canvas Created from my acryllic hand drawed paintings on the canvas 100% Original art that was created by my hands with part of my soul

Statera art NFT

Artwork 2 Details :

Statera (Latin for "Balance") is a collection dedicated to the balance in the universe, in any chaos, a series of accidents there is a regular sequence that creates balance. Before one planet can be born, another must die. There is a big bang and complete chaos around. But thanks to the balance in the universe, chaos finds balance and a new planet is born. When you look at digital paintings, you will feel how each ray is connected and in balance with each other. Statera is a collectible digital artwork, 100% stored in the Ethereum blockchain. Statera - visually unique, hiding the original animation and generated heat to make your impressions vivid.

The horizon line art NFT

Artwork 3 Details :

The horizon line art are an experiential piece of art, with a static image for printing Everything is relative. What does the landscape around you look like when you stand still? Each object has its own natural size and shape. But how does this landscape change when we change the characteristic of only one variable, speed?! Everything around: buildings, roads, trees, the sky merges into a solid line, each of its own color. The horizon line art - this is a collection of landscapes in motion at the speed of light.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Hi, dear! Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Anastacia Kevich. I’m a self-taught contemporary artist with an economic education & woman-entrepreneur experience. I am creating my works is acrylic abstract paintings on canvas in fluid pouring technique. Some of my work I modify and turn into objects of digital art and exhibit in the form of NFT. I am sure that a mixture of physical and digital art is the future. My story in art started a long time ago, but a year ago I decided to return to myself. Here's my story. My first acquaintance with painting happened at the age of 6. My grandfather took me to art school & I remember the moment when we were taught to draw with a brush first time, but at the same time our desires were not limited. And I started drawing with my fingers and got an interesting result. The teacher was surprised that I came up with such an idea. My artworks were chosen to represent our school at the exhibition.


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