Metabodies 01

Artwork 1 Details :

Emotional forms expressed in a 3D space. The metabodies represent emotional states. Imagine what it would be like when we enter the metaverse without our physical forms, how would our emotions exist and interact with one another. The juxtaposition of the 3D and 2D space to illustrate the interconnected relationship between reality and virtual world.

Metabodies 02

Artwork 2 Details :

Part of the Metabodies series.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Bbblob is a moniker by Singaporean visual artist and designer, Jacelyn Zhen. Her works explore harmony in form and colour. Bright, vivid and organic shapes interacting with one another to represent our relationship with ourselves and others. Making works that capture a sense of balance in the fleeting landscape of emotions. Jacelyn creates across various mediums including murals, printmaking, painting and sculpture.


No: 140

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