An Intangible World (Moment_01)

Artwork 1 Details :

Time, presence and manifestation in the digital world. One of the three moments from the Intangible World animation. Available to watch here:

Memories to the Machine: Return to the World Once Known

Artwork 2 Details :

In our pursuit of ascension, will meaning cease to manifest? Our wisdom from the ages be mere architectural ruins? In the coming age of cold logic and computational precision, we must not lose what it means to be human. These early stages show signs that the human condition is already beginning to falter. The world we build for it must be better. It won't sustain the spirit. One of the two worlds from the Memories to the Machine animation. Available to watch here:


Artwork 3 Details :

In the depths of this new paradigm, with limitless connection, you shall still find seclusion and isolationism. The contrast in the ways of life remain but unity will eventually be the only truth. The metaverse is the next step in the journey that the internet started in the late 90s, the creation of digital worlds for experience, escape and layered enhancement will spearhead the transitional process towards a more concentrated digital identity and way of life. Expanses combines my work in world-building for games and experiences in VR and my digital art process.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Multidisciplinary Digital Artist born and raised in the UK. I specialize in the creation of real-time virtual game worlds for VR, my focus lies in Environment Art and Design. I also create Digital Art and have had my work featured at exhibitions including CADAF Online, DCentral Con Miami & the Arts Rights Prize, winning awards and acclaimed artist features.


No: 14

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