Diana Pelenur


Artwork 1 Details :

Living on the blockchain in a decentralised environment can evoke a feeling of rebellion. Rebellion against the traditional art world. On the blockchain there is a sense of freedom of creation, pushing and exploring the boundaries. No world is worth living in without graffiti.

Life on the Blockchain

Artwork 2 Details :

The metaverse presents itself with endless possibilities, FOMO around every corner and something new everyday. Where do we go? Where do we look? Who do we trust? This piece explores both the feelings of excitement and over stimulation in living on the blockchain. In the end, trust yourself and enjoy the ride.

Woman in Movement

Artwork 3 Details :

"Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away" - Frida Kahlo

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Diana Pelenur is a photographer and digital artist who is based in Toronto having grown up in Brazil and Uruguay. Diana has always been fascinated with technology and Web3 has provided the perfect platform to explore her curiosity of what is possible on the blockchain. Her art is based on digital photographs that are then manipulated in photoshop to tell a story beyond the photographic image. Diana likes to imagine what life would look like if we lived on the blockchain and her latest collection is a reflection of this imaginary world. In Web3 Diana helps uplift other artists through her podcast ?️ We NFT and continues to build community onboarding new artists.



No: 131

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