Artwork 1 Details :

Exploring and occupying space. In this work I combine two different algorithms. One creates a loop of tangent circles and the other one explores the remaining space. A metaphor of life and community.

Abstract study

Artwork 2 Details :

In this work I try to digitally recreate some painting gestures. Horizontal brush strokes to create the three layers on the background and action painting gestures on top of that.

Space Iris

Artwork 3 Details :

Organising shapes around a center point is one of my recurrent themes. In this work I explore the power of physical forces that keep materials and waves confined in a dimensionless area. Particles and energy are never found in a predictable position.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Wannabe generative artist exploring the potential of using simple drawing primitives and color palettes.The works that I present are an extract of part of my research so far.



No: 13

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