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Artwork 1 Details :

This is a story about how the future may not be as optimistic and joyful for everyone as we imagine it now. Because at all times, progress not only gave humanity new technologies and knowledge, but also differentiated society even more, although the general level and quality of life increased significantly. But nevertheless, the rich and powerful have become more and more separated, and eventually the world may be completely divided. And new technologies, taking into account the hyper-population of the earth, will remain available only to a narrow circle of rich people. The rest will live behind the fence, surviving in the style of Mad Max. (original resolution of work is 4200x4800px)

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Hello friends! I would like to tell a little about who I am, what I do and about the things that inspire me in my work. My name is Andrei and therefore the first part of my pseudonym is Andre, and the second is the name of my cat - Matisse. He is my lovely helper in work and life) Since childhood, I loved to draw and buid structures from children's constructor set. And this largely determined my future profession. I have an architectural education and until recently created interior design. Here are the some things I did: Although my work was creative in some way, but it however had a number of limitations and didn't allow my atist's imagination to unfold. I have always wanted to create visual images that have no rules or restrictions. Anything that can evoke emotions or make you think about something important or not. In my work, I'm inspired by architecture, the play of light, reflections and refractions, natural motives, the interaction of space with surreal shapes and characters


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