Elisabeth Katie

Out of Date

Artwork 1 Details :

This work tells the story of 2 people who are in the same sphere with two different fates. One of those who are not able to keep up with the modern era makes them ancient. While the other one who can adapt to technology can sit comfortably in the surrounding environment. Of course the era symbolized by the direction of light follows the person on the right In this work I would like to convey the technological advances applied to the metaverse. In dealing with this metaverse, which is inherent in humans, has its own contradictions. Few people can adapt metaverse and virtual technology who are more inclined to think creatively and modernly. But there must be some from a group of people who are not able to adapt to virtual technology so they are "out of date". Here I would like to convey that as a young generation that adapts to the development of the times and modern ideologies, the current generation is starting to leave old thoughts to the modern era. We must be able to adapt to technology but not forget the culture of the past.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

I was born at 11th November 2000 in Indonesia and currently studying communication visual design especially in animation design at Pelita Harapan University.



No: 126

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