Chan Wan Kyn

Path Project: Purdue (Day 4)

Artwork 1 Details :

The Path Project is digitally generated from real life GPS and light intensity data. Unlike pieces that use A.I. or Machine Learning, each of these "light walks" are preplanned by me and have elements that are determined by the environment and nuances of the path that I take. This particular piece marks one of my last days in Purdue University, my second home for the past 6.5 years, before I moved back home to Singapore. Occasionally, I set an end goal, but rarely is that the true ending of the walk. The data is then post-processed and organized in an easy-to-use manner from JSON and Arduino sensor data to a CSV/text file. Through experiments in Javascript, each dataset can manifest itself through various simple representations that range from circles to lines, still images to looping animations. The GPS and light intensity data (i.e. longitude, latitude and light intensity) were mapped to the L*a*b* colour values, illustrating their similarity in providing us a form of "location" as we navigate these spaces. Thus far, the countries that I have been blessed to take these walks through are limited to Singapore and USA, I want to believe that in the near future, there will be opportunities to explore different cities, countries and continents through walks of light.

Path Project: 1.305109,103.881988

Artwork 2 Details :

After my return to Singapore, I decided to continue my ritualistic walks. However, this time I was in a familiar environment. In a moment of weakness, and craving, I decided to experiment with an oft-travelled route to the nearby McDonalds at Kallang Riverside collecting light intensity and GPS data of my walk. What is seen here is the one of countless experiments with line, shape, colour and value among many other elements. In this piece, longitude and latitude data are mapped the x and y coordinates and the light intensity data, recorded in lux, is mapped to line alpha and weight. Once again displaying an experiment to illuminate light and space in a different form, captivate audiences and take them on a metaphysical journey of the intangible elements that they might be able to take for themselves.

lux (Remastered)

Artwork 3 Details :

Lux started conceptually as I contemplated what defined “light art”. Could a light piece be presented without light immediately present, yet still is an integral part of the work? Pondering this question, I sought to create something in opposition to some impressions – that light had to be present in a “light” piece. This notion took me down a journey of research, discussions, and experiments. Inspired by the documentative walks of Richard Long, lux captures a night walk, through light, along Singapore’s Green (Railway) Corridor, a national heritage path that holds a personal history as a place of reflection and exploration. This often-overlooked space, the green corridor, not only acts a repurpose of an old railway line that connected the countries of Singapore and Malaysia, but also a liminal space between natural and urban environment. Flanked by the urban development on both sides, it occasionally opens up to the artificial light from human hands. Defined as light incident per unit area, lux elucidates the walk abstractly through a combination of ambient light measurements along the corridor and GPS positioning, allowing audiences an abstract yet relatable experience to reimagine this journey. Ironically, light still remains fundamental to lux as audiences perceive the composition with light. Accompanying video piece can be viewed at:

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Chan Wan Kyn (b. 1994, Singapore) graduated with a Bachelor and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2019 and 2021 respectively from Purdue University, and was the pioneer class of SOTA, Singapore. Pursuing engagements at the interface of art and engineering, he continually seeks to meld Art and Engineering into a harmonious hybrid that will inspire people to see connections between the subjects that lie on opposite ends of the academic spectrum, and to create inspirational and aesthetically pleasing works of art. Performative documentation such as Lux (2021), have taken him on meditative journeys through Singapore’s Green Corridor, allowing a time of reflection where the urban meets the natural environment in Singapore and is now a continuing project.


No: 125

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