Sveta Bilyk


Artwork 1 Details :

A dream, being born, lights up the darkness and gives new senses.

Blue crab in dirty water

Artwork 2 Details :

With this work I want to draw attention to the pollution of rivers, seas and oceans. In the center of the composition is Blue crab. It is amidst the mud and can barely move. And the worst thing is that it feels organic in it.


Artwork 3 Details :

The flower personifies pure beauty and at the same time iron stamina in the fight for us. Eternal memory to the souls who gave their lives for Ukraine. It will grow with every name we find from all times. With every hero who gave his life, we continue to build our present

Artist/ Collective Bio:

I am digital artist from Ukraine. Before the full scale war began, my main focus was mental health, taking care of my feelings. And through that, loving the world. After February 24, the main focus shifted. I see my main task as popularizing Ukrainian art and everyday life. The ideas of my works are using digital technologies to draw the attention of modern society to the heritage, to rethink it and and live with it in a new way. It is to support the desire of Ukrainians to explore their identity and the growth of national consciousness.


No: 123

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