Sahrul Suwandi

A little wish for the future

Artwork 1 Details :

Prayer exists and is real. Surely everyone is planning to make a more beautiful future. In this work I explain about silence to make an innovation of the future. I focused on a cloud to visualize the Prayer to God Almighty, the future cannot be planned, cannot be predicted and cannot be determined by oneself. Therefore, we as imperfect humans pray for the future.

Seeing the future

Artwork 2 Details :

A person can change to the environment he faces, the colors in someone's life that I put on the face of a woman who explain a future are various, unpredictable and cannot be touched. Our view of the future can be blurry / unclear as I have visualized in the work in the form of clouds that are not clearly visible or blurry.


Artwork 3 Details :

Seeing and imagining the future is not easy to predict, sometimes we are hindered by something called destiny. In terms of imagining the future of course we want a happy ending plan. These hands always pray and hope that the future we want will be a better future.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Sahrul Suwandi is usually called by the name Sahrulauy, 20 years old from Indonesia, student at Indonesian education university, majoring in Fine Arts Education 2020. new artists to actively exhibition in 2021 until now.


No: 120

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