Artwork 1 Details :

In a new world of meta, a revolutionary change will always bring such joy and excitement. 'Rising' describe a phase of human heart which is beating very fast due to the sudden excitement and full of joy as we welcome the new wave of change. The color, the texture, emphasize the spirit and emotion of the images inline with the human feeling.


Artwork 2 Details :

'Plateu' describe the phase when human started to adapt the new change to the metaverse era. Described with a steady heart beat. MIx color, and texture emphasize the human adaptability to face change.


Artwork 3 Details :

'Destiny', the last images of the trilogy describe the future of human after the adaptation phase. Some may rise, and some may fall. 'Destiny' describe as the last part of the human existence. The one who can adapt may survive and go on with life, while the one who did not will try as hard as they can to survive hoping to cross the line for a better life.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Self taught illustrator and painter specialize in fashion illustration, logo design and abstract painting. Medium use are digital art and acrylic, watercolor and poster color on paper and canvas


No: 117

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