The Ai Inside Me

Artwork 1 Details :

Something is on its way. right in front of our eyes Are you willing to accept it? Or are you among those who are afraid to try?

Fire in our Future

Artwork 2 Details :

There is something inevitable coming this way, Like a fire burning, do we wish it would go away? The future is rapidly approaching. As a result, we'll have to stay.

Near Future

Artwork 3 Details :

How well prepared are you? for the upcoming changes The world is evolving. So you must ride along with it. because you can never advance if you kept returning to the same pages So I'll tell you again. welcome, the future is near and its on its way

Artist/ Collective Bio:

I'm Nok Escueta, Im a freelance artist who primarily works in digital arts but am now branching out into traditional arts using various mediums, particularly acrylic. I also do some sculpture and figure work. The majority of my artworks reflect deep and dark emotions to which most people can relate. I want people to connect with my art pieces and feel something when they see them. I also included some open poetry in some of the pieces to add more emotion to the work. My goal is to capture the vulnerability and fragility of those who look at my work.


No: 116

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