Evgeniya Pankratova

Garden of Living Growth

Artwork 1 Details :

The idea came after a visit to the island of Fueotaventura. An absolutely deserted place. It struck me when driving inside the island that there were orange volcanoes all around, just earth and sky. The only things that caught my eye were the stones, symmetrically placed by someone along the road. They seemed to be a landmark or even an ornament on this uninhabited land. The occasional cottages were so well-kept, so much care had been taken in creating a garden, even if it was made of stones. It is an amazing desire to create around yourself wherever you are... The garden also as a metaphor for life and a model of knowledge: ““A model of knowledge: art, the library, gardens, the sky: that which you can see “right away", that which you have to learn, that which you cannot see because it is too far away and that which you have to wait for it to grow in order to see it.” (Francesca Alfano Miglietti)

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Evgeniya Pankratova born in 1997 in Moscow, currently lives and works in Budapest. She is an interdisciplinary artist. Her career as an artist began about five years ago. Since then she has participated in various programs. During her studies in Moscow she participated in three residency programs in Italy. During her studies at the Florence Academy she participated in group exhibitions, won the National Etching Award of the Gorlago Municipality, and participated in the ERASMUS+ exchange program at the MCAD, USA. In 2021 became a participant in the Youth of Russia program, where she had experience in residency. At the end of the program the artwork took part in a collective exhibition at the New Tretyakov Gallery "STAGE/TODAY/TOMORROW".



No: 114

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