Endless Creation

Artwork 1 Details :

Portrait of a godlike image wearing a VR headset, endlessly creating and curating what will and will not happen in this world. Artist thinks crafting a world can't be done in just 7 days, the DIVINE being still on works with us and through us humans. Endlessly creating and collaborating with humans.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

An artist. A collaborator. A cultural worker A poet. Jacob Cezar — born and raised in Pasig City; found his second home in Cavite as a member of a non-profit organization, Titik Poetry, which focuses not only in literature but also in other art forms like Theater and Visual Arts. He have showcased his poetry at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and in various universities like De La Salle University (DLSU) and University of the Philippines (UP). Currently, Cezar is practicing visual arts in a communal artist space in Parañaque, Metro Manila — exploring both the digital and traditional arts through silkscreens and printmaking.



No: 113

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