Alejandro Dini

The Novelist's Dream

Artwork 1 Details :

Literature has always been one of my main sources of inspiration for artwork. The written word ignites imagination and vivid imagery, while being an invisible bridge between worlds within our minds. This artwork is about the everlasting communion between painting and writing. About love for storytelling. About the infinite worlds we imagine. About losing oneself in the unpredictable and loving twists of art creation.

Chang'e -

Artwork 2 Details :

Chang'e (姮娥) is the Chinese deity yearly celebrated in the Mid Autumn Festival. Her name is commonly written 嫦娥, but I prefer the alternative version 姮娥, because in the first Hanzi (Chinese character) appear symbolic elements that are tightly related to the story itself: a woman and a moon contained between heavens and earth. It’s as if the whole story of the goddess were depicted within her own name, a fascinating uniqueness of Chinese language. Both Hanzi also inspired the composition of the painting in ways that I will let the viewer explore together with other elements that are meant to stimulate further interpretations.

Lady of the Key

Artwork 3 Details :

"Lady of the Key" is a metaphorical depiction of existential explorations and mystical experiences through which the beauty of the world is revealed as is. The initial study of the artwork started on paper first. After numerous sketches it was then fully painted digitally.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Compelled to draw from imagination since childhood, I've now been professionally involved in the visual arts industry for over 20 years, most of which in Hong Kong. I mainly self trained until joining an art college in Italy to pursue illustration as my profession. While my initial formation was traditional, i have always been strongly driven by technology, thus throughout my career digital painting easily became my favorite medium. Along with my professional work I keep producing personal pieces where I explore themes and techniques of classic and modern art within contemporary digital media. My work process resembles a traditional one, often sketching ideas on paper first, then painting stroke by stroke digitally. My themes revolve around stories, mythology, mysteries of the mind and sensuality.


No: 108

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