Shi Yun Teo

A quiet reflection

Artwork 1 Details :

After a significant moment vanish, Lingering traces signify the strong presence of perseverance for the practice Expressions of vulnerability and power A collective experience As we uncover the surface & origin I can only feel the traces. the medium is the message the truth is neither in the represented nor in the representation power, desire and matter converge within images It doesn’t represent reality It is a fragment of the real world We are engaged in a struggle with language.

the courtyard

Artwork 2 Details :

the material; a site and metaphor that evoke and preserve memory. to fulfil the particular needs of people. the immaterial; sites of memory to commemorate the dead, but also a point of reference for the living. the future is always experienced as a haunting: as a virtuality that already impinges on the present, the future is about repetition, emergence of the repressed, re-activation of the dead, virtualisation. The living can haunt the dead as much as the dead can haunt the living.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Shi Yun’s works express the immediacy of life, charting a relationship between our inner world and the cultural memories between us; To acquire an awareness of ourselves, a questioning of who am I and how we will realise it. Often making use of archival imagery or undertaking extensive research, exploring the role of memory, revealing hidden, displaced or misinterpreted past. She is interested in documenting rituals, the act of connecting to our ancestors for their wisdom and guidance.


No: 106

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