Gigih PrayogoEnergibaikhariini


Artwork 1 Details :

CONSCIENCE It's a matter of faith What was decided from the start Keep going even though many doubt It's a matter of faith Collision and a lot of talk try to fade What will be the goal It's a matter of faith No need to explain try to prove it Hold on and hold on I hope it bears fruit in the future It's a matter of faith!

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Introduce me Gigih Prayogo was born in Yogyakarta, July 09, 1993. I started to seriously enter the world of art in 2018 after I finished my undergraduate education. In 2018 I tried a space called “Energibaikhariini” with the initial intention to accommodate my works. The works created are in the form of digital illustrations, paintings and literature, mostly with the theme of contemplation. Energibaikhariini in 2019 had the opportunity to publish a book entitled Welcome to the Universe, which was published by Mizan Publishing, Bandung and starting 2020 has participated in conventional or nft art exhibitions in Indonesian and London galleries.


No: 102

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