Elaine B. Chao

Brave (Animated)

Artwork 1 Details :

Animated .gif created using both traditional and digital techniques. Original paintings with oil, acrylic and flashe on canvas were transferred photographically to Photoshop, in which they were layered and color treated. Different light blend modes led to varying saturation of light, and I made separate frames for different degrees of lightness. When animated, the artwork glows. The rhythm was chosen to mirror that of a heartbeat, the luminescence evokes our inner light. The words for "bravery" or "valiant" in my mother tongue serves as a reminder to be true to myself despite how frightening that may be. The color palette recalls sunset, which is a period of beauty and reflection. During this time of the day, the horizon is ignited by sunlight.

Harbor Salted Light (Version 1)

Artwork 2 Details :

This animated GIF was created in a similar process to "Brave." The title is taken from a poem. The work is reminiscent of a seascape, in which sunlight is glinting off the water's surface. The work glows, breathing with life. The mixture of animation and traditional painting bridges worlds and poses a possibility where a digital future coexists with tradition.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Elaine B. Chao is a traditional-digital hybrid artist working in Queens, NY. She earned her B.A. in Art from Rutgers University, NJ in 2013. Digital printmaking forms the foundation of her practice. Expanding on traditional techniques, she first composes paintings on canvas or paper using acrylic, oil, and flashe. She then imports the paintings into image manipulation programs to blend, apply filters, and run actions. The final digital work is then printed or uploaded to an AR app for display. Ancient Chinese art, the work of Gerhard Richter, Paul Klee and the films of Wong Kar Wai inform her work. She currently exhibits with Solas Studio and Pictor Gallery in New York, NY.



No: 100

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