Festival Foreword

In July, the inaugural INSTINC D:Art Fest 2022 has openly called for digital artworks in response to the theme “Ignite the future”, which imagines an age when the metaverse becomes inseparable from our lives. The shortlisted artworks are on display in this virtual exhibition and a physical showcase at INSTINC SOHO in Singapore from 29 September to 9 October 2022.

The metaverse exhibition is set in a virtual cave environment. During the recent global pandemic, many have taken refuge in our own “caves”. People, who longed for human connections more than ever, are connected by technologies during shutdowns and amid isolation. Visitors to the exhibition will experience a journey we have collectively embraced and imagine the boundless possibilities of the metaverse. The cave is also a metaphor for our current perception of the metaverse. Our understanding of virtual reality is constrained by our technological limitation and accessibility to technologies. We are at the beginning of an era when the physical and digital realities are interweaved and integrating into one.

The spatial design also takes inspiration from the allegory of the Plato’s cave. While the exploration and exposure to uncharted realities have been perpetual human conditions, the transitional stage to the unknown can be both exciting and alienating.

The exhibition is divided into four sections. In “Unknowable Dreams”, the artworks explore hidden desires and dreams unveiled by technologies. Works in “Potential Realities” imagine the infinite possibilities of our digital future. "Eternal Presence" symbolizes a digital existence that lasts forever, to be preserved and revisited by future generations. Lastly, “Meta-Moments”, presented as a cave within a cave in which three finalist artists from the open call – Wyn-lyn Tan, SEOHYO and Chan Wan Kyn collaborated on a site-specific digital exhibition. Visitors are invited to take a pause here and meditate on their earlier journeys through the cave.

Links to Metaverse and Artworks below:

Click here to visit INSTINC D:Art Festival 2022 Metaverse Exhibition.

Click here to view artworks and descriptions of the “Meta-Moments” Collaborative Residency.


#151/1 : Wyn-Lyn Tan : Into the Light I

#125/1 : Chan Wan Kyn : Path Project: Purdue (Day 4)

#93/1 : SEOHYO : EIC-211231


#164/1 : Satrio Yudho Pratomo : The three angles

#160/1 : warrragwag : Ignite the Future: Rain in the colour

#156/2 : Igor eki : Innovate

#148/1 : Tina YEUNG : 10267.47 to 0 km

#147/1 : Julie Watai : Alice in Cyberland

#144/1 : Lazarus Chan : Pneuma.to

#138/1 : Pornwipa Suriyakarn : Suk skaw

#118/3 : Nina Sumarac : Conversation in Red (NH), MULTIVERSE

#113/1 : Jakestudyos : Endless Creation

#112/2 : Anya Palamartschuk : Bodies of Light

#109/1 : Alvin Mak : The Shape of a Dream

#100/1 : Elaine B. Chao : Brave (Animated)

#95/2 : Juzo : I just wanna be loved

#83/2 : Radzi Kalong : Invasion

#81/1 : WMD Collective : Infinite Falling

#30/3 : Kinnara : Desi La : Metaphysical 1

#29/1 : IOYOI : Nature Metaverse 3D


  1. INSTINC D:Art Festival 2022 acts as a catalyst, to generate conversations and bridge the gaps between the traditionally and presently within art practices.

  2. To create opportunities that explore and embrace outcomes that resemble both traditional and digital.

  3. We are here to encourage, support and celebrate every artist’s journey towards artistic virtuosity - a true virtuoso.

  4. To empower artists and creatives to staple their visions and strengths and attain their own legacy beyond the present and the history of art.

  5. We are proponents of collaborationships between artists, the arts, and everything else around us.

  6. [Collaborationship = Purpose + Trust + empowerment]* (reference from https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/possibilists-collaborationships-unpacking-ecosystem-oana-maria-pop/)

  7. For the future, for our past, for artists, and for our love of the arts.

Open Call

Deadline for Submission: 12 August 2022

[Submissions Closed]

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