Philipp Kapustin

The World Wide Web.

Artwork 1 Details :

A web of events, times, and hopes... Everything weaves in itself, rejecting attempts to change the comprehension of meaning and our destiny. And the spider slowly and confidently weaves its electronic threads and traps our souls in the web. It is better to be free in your own tiny but world than to be a prisoner of a worldwide but web.

The Future 2121.

Artwork 2 Details :

We are not the masters of our own lives. We are connected to other past and present. And every deed, like every good deed, gives birth to a new future.

Kepler-22b satellite.

Artwork 3 Details :

When we explore space to the end, it turns out that while we are here on earth, we have already been to heaven.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Philipp Kapustin is a contemporary Ukrainian artist and crypto-artist. He is engaged in painting, illustration and creates installations. For many years he was on his way to his own artistic style, inspired by the works of the old masters of cubism and modernism, such as Malevich, Filonov and Picasso. Drawing and developing skills to be a modern digital artist, and through this symbiosis created his own unique style. Old and new, geometry and organic. His goal was to create and bring to this world something new and unique - digital neocubism.


No: 96

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