WMD Collective

Infinite Falling

Artwork 1 Details :

Infinite Falling Digital CG video, 4K, color, sound, 00:00:36 , 2022 The falling can be seen as a kind of first possible action after entering the virtual metaverse world, in which we are able to fall into infinite worlds, grasslands, deserts, seas... It is a ritual sense of entering the metaverse, technology gives us possibilities, the falling contains new philosophical meanings, and at the same time it is a mysterious process of crossing our infinite cyberspace. The destinations we can reach are infinite, they wrap around us and we dominate the options of second life. WMD Collective builds a concise digital animation of the action of falling in the metaverse and virtual worlds and the infinite possible world environments with aesthetic meaning, thus developing a reflection on the concept of metaverse.

Aesthetic Archaeology - 30000.2500.B.C.SA

Artwork 2 Details :

Aesthetic Archaeology The Aesthetic Archaeology series is the first major series of WMD Collective, which combines an investigation of aesthetic processes of art with a combination of artificial intelligence-generated imagery. Beginning with the earliest prehistoric art and continuing through postmodern art, artists have systematically analyzed elements of aesthetics in art, using images that represent its characteristics to train deep learning models and generate new images with a degree of fit. WMD Collective combines AI-generated images from historical archives with computer-generated content conceived through systematic analysis´╝î in a virtual digital space.

Hash Fairy Tales

Artwork 3 Details :

In "Hash Fairy Tales - Chapter 1", the artist has visually transformed the hashes in cryptography and blockchain, transforming the code text into images through AI technology. In this transformation, the implicit technical side is replaced by some AI-generated grotesque images. The virtual computer screen in the virtual forest presents a series of hash values and uncomfortable white noise, which is accentuated by the silence and mysterious atmosphere in the object of the forest - the hash fairy tale represents a complex field.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

WMD Collective is a group of digital artists founded in 2022 in Berlin. The group creates works in the fields of digital moving image, new media installation, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. The work of the group and its members has been exhibited in international art institutions and exhibitions such as Ars Electronica, UCCA Lab, Times Art Museum Beijing , The 1st Annual METAVERSE Art @ VENICE, Shanghai Gallery of Art (SGA), APENFT Museum(CV) etc. WMD Collective and its work have appeared in ARTnews, Artnet, ArtReview and Ocula.



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