Laundry Duty

Artwork 1 Details :

"only wanted to do some laundry, sigh don't think this blood is gonna wash off easy..."


Artwork 2 Details :

We’d seen the earth from here many times before but this time was different. This was one final glance before we finally set out for the purpose we were birthed here for. One final glance till we descended down into the remains of the old world with hopes to create a new one...


Artwork 3 Details :

The descent was frightening, we had never felt anything like it before, clutching our hands onto the inner rails of the pod and forcing to keep our eyes shut as we entered the atmosphere faster and faster, until the parachutes and thrusters ejected, producing a hard jerk, startling us further. On arrival there was a sense of disbelief followed by relief. We got out of the pods and stood outside in silence, taking in everything. We had landed on a desert plain, it was an early morning and the smell of petrichor hung in the air, the soft sound of the wind and and bushes added to the beauty. We were finally here...

Artist/ Collective Bio:

18 yr old cg artist/designer with an affinity to tell stories through artworks and worlds with a heavy melancholic and atmospheric mood, turning emotions and visions into visuals


No: 77

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