Sergii Simutin

War diary

Artwork 1 Details :

All my latest work is focused on the issues of war. Ruthless, aggressive and bloody war. This series is a full-scale war-length project. It is about the information space in which we are, which surrounds us. What news we read, what we feel.


Artwork 2 Details :

A series of works about the quarantine of 2021. About the difference in the perception of the pandemic in the media space. How people form an opinion and try to quell the panic within themselves.


Artwork 3 Details :

It has already arrived. The world will not be the same. All futuristic texts and prophecies are already valid. We are only parts of the mechanism of the great computer era. But how do we proceed? How will we act? What will we remain? All shapes in the design change. They are simplified. We are now surrounded by solid rounded shapes. In the future, we will simplify the shapes to the most primitive ones: circle, square, triangle. And I work with circles - because I consider circles to be an ideal form. Gravity created a circle. It created a circle from the earth, from the planets, from the universes. The circle is our real face. The future of humanity.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Simutin Sergii was born in 1991, in the industrial city of Donetsk. 
He started drawing in 2012 from street festivals. He is a participant of many graffiti and street art festivals in Ukraine and abroad. 
Since 2017 he has participated in gallery exhibitions. Now he lives in the village. Trypillya (Obukhiv district), works on graphics and painting.


No: 76

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