Pavel Checkulaev

Serialize() v1.1

Artwork 1 Details :

serialize() — function converts complex data structure in a simplified data view. Today, we can turn on panoramas on a smartphone to walk through the streets of the cities that are thousands of kilometers away. Technology immerses us in a virtual world, blurring the line between the possible and the impossible and extends our experience. A person can get an authentic experience in the digital world. The digital world becomes not just new virtuality, but an extension of reality. I look for a human-modified landscape and shoot it. Then I build a paper model, based on the motive of this landscape. I print fragments from the landscape image on the model, enlarged so that pixelation appears. Finally, I create an installation with the same landscape and shoot the result. I get two landscapes in the picture: real (physical) and transformed, which is also real. The imperfection of the model is very important for me — the texture of the paper, the roughness, the threads. These are markers of reality that inevitably appear on a virtual object when it's born in the physical world. I consider this process of converting the real world into digital to be one of the most important features of our time. In patch 1.1 I chose a panorama on google maps of the area where the gallery is located. And based on the panorama I printed the model. The panorama itself can be seen by scanning the QR code located under the hanging model.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

I was born in 1983. In 1996 I got my first PC. Since then, I have been closely watching the evolution of the digital world. My education, work and leisure are tied to internet technologies and MMO projects. I am interested in post digital, post internet and speculative design. And my main focus is on the digital world in video games. Being directly involved, following other users and players allows me to explore this theme and analyze the influence that digital space has.


No: 66

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