The Flowers in Her sky

Artwork 1 Details :

This piece is about what populates our mind, and how it affects what we see. It is about spiritual awakening being the only way to ignite a better future

Stellar Purple Haze

Artwork 2 Details :

This piece depicts the daydream of an alternate future. The golden eyes express the power to ignite what is to come and the golden particules represent elements of our future spreading into the cosmos.


Artwork 3 Details :

This piece represents petals of love flying from the heart. I have included this work in my submissions because it expresses love for the arts and for life in general, and because only love can ignite a better future.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

After being a traditional watercolors artist for many years, I discovered digital art. My work now mixes both media, using handpainted textures and elements that I import into my digital work, to create an ethereal atmosphere. I believe that contemporary art can be a hybrid of modern and traditional techniques, it is an interesting path for artists to explore.


No: 64

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