Kevin Oramas Ernesto Cisneros

Gente de Mar

Artwork 1 Details :

My grandfather was born next to the black-eyed fish, there, in the abyss. I remember him talking to me about the bodies made of coral and reef. From the whispers and the cold. In darkness and silence those who dwell in the waters weave with threads of salt Digital Manipulation/Photography/Digital Drawing/3D. • • Start painting over the composition, create different 3D objects and combine them. Maintaining constant experimentation is the food of my work. To manipulate the images of bodies and shells I used Photoshop and to create the different animals I used Blender (3D). I then took them into Photoshop to paint over them and add them to the set.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Kevin Oramas.- For Kevin Oramas, the main reason for my work is to connect with the dark reality that we carry inside, to come face to face with our demons, those fears that we always avoid, those traumas that we never face. For this he uses Digital Manipulation | Photography | Digital Drawing | 3D Digital art Ernesto Cisneros.- Ernesto Cisneros has an extensive musical career developed as a pianist in various groups and successful incursions in the world of cinema, television and the emerging digital art. Passionate about art and technology, he has strongly integrated into the community of NFT artists, participating in the consolidation of a large community of Spanish-speaking artists with the aim of changing the paradigm of the art market based on blockchain technology. .


No: 49

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